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Guidebook of the Western United States: Part E. The Denver & Rio Grande Western Route



The 70-mile circle trip through the Denver Mountain Park covers the most remarkable municipally owned park in the world. Within an hour's ride from Denver are the foothills of the park, backed by the towering peaks of the Continental Divide, with wild flowers, whispering pines, and singing torrents. The park includes, a game sanctuary for buffalo, deer, and other Rocky Mountain animals, a free automobile camp, shelter houses, camping facilities, and hotels. The body of Col. W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), the noted scout and plainsman, rests on Lookout Mountain.

Many other beautiful and interesting drives may be made from Denver, and many railroad trips may be made that will well repay the traveler for the time spent, but some of these would consume more than one day and will therefore not be mentioned. One exception worth noting, however, is a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park, which lies just back of Estes Park and includes Longs Peak. This park should be visited by all who delight in rugged mountain scenery.

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Last Updated: 16-Feb-2007