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Historic Furnishings Report: Bakery
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sea biscuit
Plate I. Contents of a cache of 1853 left by Captain Henry Kellett, R. N., on Dealy Island, Northwest Passage. The biscuit, stamped with the royal broad arrow, matches exactly the description of those turned out for the Royal Navy in 1851 by the victualing office at Weovil in the south of England. Although stamped out by machine, this biscuit undoubtedly resembles in size and general appearance the former round biscuits produced by hand stamping prior to the mechanization of the industry. (Photograph courtesy of Mr. Wayne Colwell, Curator, Canadian National Historic Sites Service.)

bake oven
Plate II. "Old bake oven" in one of the bastions at Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, in 1935. Unfortunately additional data concerning this photograph are not available. (Courtesy of Library, Hudson's Bay Company, Winnipeg; reproduced with permission of the Hudson's Bay Company.)

bake oven
Plate III. Reconstructed H.B.C. bake ovens in Northwest Bastion, Lower Fort Garry, originally built c. 1846-1848. The doors to these ovens are only 24 inches above the floor. One chimney serves both ovens. (National Park Service photograph by A. L. Koue, September, 1967.)

bake oven
Plate IV. Oven entrance details, Northwest Bastion, Lower Fort Garry. The vaulted ceiling of the baking chamber is 3'3" high at the top of the arch. (National Park Service photograph by A. L. Koue, September, 1967.)

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