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A transcribed and edited version of Hudson's Bay Company clerk George Roberts Thermometrical Register for the year 1838; only notes referring to natural and cultivated vegetation have been listed here. [1226]

Jan 3--Short young grass good sheep pasturage near Lakes which were flooded in Summer.
Jan 5--Chickweed flowering in the garden
Jan 8--Berry Bushes Budding, wild cherry, current &c.
Feb 17--Wild Gooseberries budding
Mar 16--Wild currant bearing a red Flower blossoming
Mar 18--Herb Paarisa plant 6" high w. white flower resembling crocus nearly full flown
Mar 21--Apple and Pear Trees Budding
Mar 22--Wild gooseberry in full leaf and farther advanced than those brought from England 2 years ago
Mar 25--Variety of Blue, Yellow and White field flowers blooming
Mar 30--Humming Birds appear
April 1--Strawberries flowering
April 3--Holly leaved Barberry in Blossom
April 5--Peach trees blossoming
April 8--Potatoes that have been in ground all winter now beginning to appear
April 10--Dogwood trees in full floossom
April 11--The Elder do.
April 17--Several species violets in full blossom
April 20--Several species field iris in blossom
April 23--Bramble bushes blossoming
April 25--Clover in blossom--stem 2 1/2 " tall
April 26--Wild tare in blossom
April 28--Blossoms of fruit trees falling
May 2--Lupine in Blossom
May 7--Wild Rose and Eglantine in Blossom
May 12--Strawberries ripening
May 14--Honeysuckle and woodbine in Blossom
May 19--Mosquitos appear
May 25--Strawberries in perfection
May 28--Field peas in blossom
May 30--Garden pease for the table
June 1--Spring barley in
June 3--New potatoes in ground all winter now fit for table
June 7--Oats in flower
June 10--Spring Wheat coming into[???]
June 17--Bramble berries ripening
June 23--Gooseberries and currants ripe
June 24--Rasberries ripe
June 26--Blackberries ripe
June 29--The yarrow and nettle in blossom
July 19--Barley High enough to Mow
July 22--Fall wheat ripe
August 2--Oats ripe
August 7--Field pease ready for harvesting
August 19--salmon[?] season ends
Sept 19--Commenced mowing barley. Sowed 16 June. Crop very fair.
Sept 22--Pease sown on the 19th June and from which the water from the riverflowing the bank has just subsided are now ripe.
Nov 8--Potatoes &c. killed by frost

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