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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

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Founders and Frontiersmen
Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

C. Sites Eligible for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks

Most of the historic sites in this group have been judged by the Advisory Board on National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings, and Monuments to meet the criteria of "exceptional value" for commemorating or illustrating the phases of U.S. history treated in this volume. A few, however, which have primary associations with other phases of history, have been included because of their secondary associations with the period covered in this volume. As historic sites of national significance, all of them have been declared by the Secretary of the Interior to be eligible for inclusion in the Registry of National Historic Landmarks. Some have already been designated Registered National Historic Landmarks, and others will receive the designation upon application of the owners. A few have been proposed for addition to the National Park System.

1. Fort Morgan (Fort Bowyer Site), Ala. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
2. Fort Toulouse (Fort Jackson), Ala. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

3. Old State House, Conn. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

4. City Hall (District Court House), D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
5. Decatur House, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
6. Octagon House, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
7. St. John's Episcopal Church, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
8. Tudor Place, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
9. United States Capitol, D.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

10. Plaza Ferdinand VII, Fla. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

11. Grouseland, Ind. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
12. Tippecanoe Battlefield, Ind. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

13. Fort Leavenworth, Kans. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

14. Ashland, Ky.

15. Fort Jesup, La. (NHL designation 07/04/61)
16. Jackson Square, La. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
17. The Cabildo, La. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

18. Casselman Bridge, National Road, Md. (NHL designation 01/29/64)
19. Maryland State House, Md. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
20. U.S.S. Constellation, Md. (NHL designation 05/23/63)

21. Massachusetts State House, Mass. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
22. U.S.S. Constitution, Mass. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

23. Mackinac Island, Mich. (NHL designation 10/09/60)

24. Fort Snelling, Minn. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

25. Fort Osage, Mo. (NHL designation 11/05/61)

26. Fort Atkinson, Nebr. (NHL designation 07/04/61)

27. City Hall, N.Y. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
28. Erie Canal (Remains), N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
29. Holland Land Office, N.Y. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
30. Plattsburgh (Cumberland) Bay, N.Y. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
31. United States Military Academy, N.Y. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
32. Watervliet Arsenal, N.Y. (NHL designation 11/13/66)

33. Reed Gold Mine, N.C. (NHL designation 05/23/66)

34. Beginning of the U.S. Public Land Survey, Ohio-Pa. (NHL designation 06/23/65)
35. S-Bridge, National Road, Ohio (NHL designation 01/29/64)

36. Fort Gibson, Okla. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

37. Forks of the Ohio, Pa. (NHL designation 10/09/60)
38. Fort Hill, S.C. (NHL designation 12/19/60

39. Blount Mansion, Tenn. (NHL designation 01/12/65)
40. The Hermitage, Tenn. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

41. Fort Monroe, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
42. Gunston Hall, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
43. John Marshall House, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
44. Monticello, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
45. Montpelier, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
46. Mount Vernon, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)
47. Oak Hill, Va. (NHL designation 12/19/60)

48. Prairie du Chien, Wis.

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