History, Historic Furnishing, and Historic Structure Reports
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Orville W. Carroll
I Summary
II Studies Completed to Date
III Historical Background of Fort Stanwix
IV Proposed Use of the Fort Structures
V Proposed Reconstruction Work with Military Glossary
Illustration: Proposed Use of Buildings
   A. The Fort Stanwix Historical Center
   B. Class C—Cost Estimates
   C. Addendum—Lumber Procurement and Preservation
Plan of Fort Stanwise 1758
Plan of Fort Stanwix Built at Onieda Station by Provincial Troops in 1758
Plan of Fort Stanwix, Built at the Onnida Station 1758
Plan of Fort Stanwix 1764
A Sketch of Fort Stanwix 1764
Fort Schuyler, Dec. 25, 1777
James Wilson Powder Horn
Gansevoort Map of Fort Stanwix
Plan of Fort Stanwix
Plan of Fort Stanwix 1802
Plan of Fort Stanwix 1810
Plan of Fort Stanwix 1832
Drawing of Fort Stanwix 1793
Artist's Interpretation of Fort Stanwix 1777
"Sunrise at Fort Stanwix", Aug. 3, 1777
Sketch of Fort Upon Great Island, New Hampshire
Reconstructed Drawbridge, Fort Erie, Ontario
Plan of Fort Edward, N.Y.
Drawing of French Sentry Box
Preliminary Drawings
Site Plan, Fort Stanwix National Monument
Perspective view of Fort Stanwix, 1776-1781
Ground Plan, Fort Stanwix 1758-1781
West—East, South—North Profiles

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