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Construction and Military History 1758 to 1777

Primary Sources


James Abercromby Papers, Huntington Library. "Colonel [Daniel] Claus' Account of the Battle of Oriskany and the Defeat of St. Leger's Expedition," New York State Library.

George Clinton Papers, New York Public Library.

Colbrath, William, "Journal of the most material occurrences preceding the Siege of Fort Schuyler (formerly Fort Stanwix) with an account of the siege, etc.," negative photostat, New York Public Library.

Elmer, Ebeneezer, "Journal of Ebeneezer Elmer," New Jersey Historical Society.

Gansevoort Papers, New York Public Library.

Gates Papers, New-York Historical Society.

Gates Paper, New York Public Library.

Germain Papers, William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan.

National Archives, RG. 93, Miscellaneous Revolutionary War Records.

National Archives, RG 93, Miscellaneous Revolutionary Service Records.

Public Records Office, London, Colonial Office Papers.

Schuyler Papers, New York Public Library.

Washington Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.

Willett, Marinus, "Narrative," New York Public Library.

Willett, Marinus, "Orderly Book," New York Public Library.

Official Papers

British Headquarters Papers. Microfilm. Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Office Records, Public Records Office (transcripts), Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

Papers of the Continental Congress, National Archives.

Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Transcripts of Colonial Records.

Published Collections

British Museum, Additional Manuscripts, Haldimand Papers from Canadian Archives Report, 1884 (London, 1884).

Ford, Worthington C., et. al., eds., Journals of the Continental Congress (83 vols., Washington, 1904-36).

Fortesque, John, ed., Correspondence of George III from 1760 to December 1783 (6 vols., London, 1927-28).

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Willett, William, ed., A Narrative of the Military Actions of Colonel Marinus Willett (New York, 1831).

Maps and Plans

British Museum, Crown Map Collection:

CXXI, no. 99. "PLANT OF FORT STANWIX at Oneida Station by Provincial Troops in 1758."

CXXI, no. 100. "PLAN OF FORT STANWIX Built at the Onnida Station 1758 ——."

CXXI, No. 101. "PLAN OF FORT STANWIX, Showing what Works were done at that Post from July to December 1759."

CXXI, no. 102. "PLAN OF FORT STANWIX, Showing what is finished and what is to be done to compleat it. 1764."

CXXI, no. 103. "A Sketch of FORT STANWIX, with its Buildings and Outworks November 19th 1764."

CXXI, no. XXX. "PLAN of the FORTS at the Onoida or Great Carrying Place in the Province of New York in America built by Major Charles Craven by Order of General Shirley Commander in Chief of all His Majesty's Forces in North America."

Francois de Fleury, "A Sketch of the siege of FORT SCHUYLER," copied by G. H. Bowen, Sparks Collection, Cornell University Library.

"Gansevoort Map of Fort Stanwix," New York Public Library.

Secondary Sources


Arnold, Isaac N., Life of Benedict Arnold, His Patriotism and Treason (Chicago, 1880).

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The Independent Chronicle and Universal Advertiser (Boston, August 28, 1777)

The Remembrancer; or Impartial Repository of Public Events For the Year 1777 (London, 1778).

National Park Service Studies

Luzader, John F., "The Burgoyne Campaign to September 19, 1777," Saratoga National Historical Park, 1958.

Luzader, John F., "The Burgoyne Campaign From October 8-October 16, 1777," Saratoga National Historical Park, 1959.

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