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Primary Sources

Manuscript Materials

Albany, New York. New York State Library. Henry Glen Letter Book 1776-80.

______. New York State Library. Diary of Jonathan Lawrence, May 27-June 28, 1777 [by Jonathan Lawrence].

______. New York State Library, Miscellaneous American Revolution.

Ann Arbor, Mich. William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan. Thomas Gage Papers.

Hartford, Conn. Connecticut Historical Society. Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., Papers.

Jamaica, New York. Queens Borough Public Library. "Monthly Return of the State of the Garrison Fort Schyler [sic] May 1st 1778."

Newark, New Jersey. New Jersey Historical Society. "Journal of Ebeneezer Elmer" [by Ebeneezer Elmer].

New Haven, Conn. Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University. Robbins Family Papers.

New York City, New York. New-York Historical Society. Horatio Gates Papers.

______. New-York Historical Society. Fort Schuyler Miscellaneous Manuscripts.

_______. New-York Historical Society. John Lamb Papers.

______. New-York Historical Society. Marinus Willett Miscellaneous Manuscripts.

______. New-York Historical Society. Marinus Willett Orderly Book.

______. New York Public Library. "Journal of the most material occurrences preceding the Siege of Fort Schuyler (formerly Fort Stanwix) with an account of the siege, etc." [by William Colbraith]. negative photostat.

______. New York Public Library. Peter Gansevoort, Jr., Military Papers.

______ New York Public Library. Henry Glen Papers 1770-1801.

______. New York Public Library. Philip Schuyler Papers.

Worcester, Mass. American Antiquarian Society. Philip Schuyler Orderly Book.

______ American Antiquarian Society. United States Revolution Collection.

Printed Sources

Carter, Clarence Edion, ed. The Correspondence of General Thomas Gage with the Secretaries of State 1763-1775. 2 vols. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1931.

Lauber, Almon W., comp. Orderly Books of The Fourth New York Regiment, 1778-1780 The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783 by Samuel Tallmadge and Others with Diaries of Samuel Tallmadge, 1780-1782. Albany: The University of the State of New York, 1932.

Mereness, Newton D., ed. Travels in the American Colonies. New York: Macmillan Company, 1916.

O'Callaghan, Edmund B., and Fernow, Berthold, ed. Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York. 10 vols. Albany: Weed, Parsons and Co., 1854.

O'Callaghan, Edmund B., The Documentary History of the State of New York. 4 vols. Albany, 1851.

State of New York. New York In the Revolution. J. B. Lyon Company, 1904.

______. Public Papers of George Clinton. 10 vols. Albany: State of New York, 1900.

Willett, William, ed. A Narrative of the Military Actions of Colonel Marinus Willett. 1831. Reprint. New York: Arno Press, 1969.

Secondary Sources


Scott, John Albert. Fort Stanwix (Fort Schuyler) and Oriskany. Rome, New York: Rome Sentinel, 1917.

Stotz, Charles M. Drums in the Forest. 1958.

National Park Service Studies

Carroll, Orville W. Historic Structure Report, Fort Stanwix, Architectural Data Section. Denver Service Center, 1973.

Hanson, Lee and Hsu, Dick Ping, Casemates and Cannonballs: Archeological Investigations at Fort Stanwix, 1758-1781. Fort Stanwix Archeological Project. New York District, 1973.

Luzader, John F. "The Construction and Military History of Fort Stanwix," Historic Structure Report. Washington, D.C.: Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation, 1969.

________. "The 'Stars and Stripes' at Fort Stanwix: A Summary of The Evidence." typescript. Denver Service Center, 1973.

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