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An Assessment of the Architectural and Cultural Significance of Historical Administrative Properties
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In the two years that it has taken to compile this report, scores of people throughout the state of Colorado expressed support for our efforts. Without the interest and sincere support of the U.S. Forest Service personnel, both those actively employed and those retired, the history of these sites, as documented here, would be incomplete. Hundreds of individuals were consulted during our search to fill missing links in the history of each administrative complex. U.S. Forest Service personnel who maintain and use many of these sites enthusiastically provided official records and often provided names of knowledgeable persons familar with these places. Many local residents, history buffs, and retired Service personnel contributed dates, names, and memories. These individuals, too numerous to mention here, are acknowledged by name within the inidvidual site survey forms on file with the Colorado State Historical Society and Region 2 of the U.S. Forest Service.

We want to express our appreciation especially to those Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region personnel in Denver and throughout the forests of Colorado, specifically Terri Liestman and Dave Faulk and all of the Forest's Heritage Resource Specialists. During the 1970s Dave Faulk had the foresight to salvage most of the original building drawings and site plans that are reproduced in this report and the accompanying site forms. Without Dave's interest and personal values we believe much of this vital information would be inaccessible if not lost. Dave Gillio, Kent Schneider, and Ken Duce, all non-Region 2 Forest Service employees, each lent us one-of-a-kind research materials and expressed support for the project as did Dr. M. Chester Nolte and Harry Dallas of the National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni (NACCCA), and Mr. and Mrs. Don Simonton of Grand Junction, Colorado.

And finally we want to thank Holly Hampton, Christine Voight, Karin Roberts, and Julie Field of the Center staff for their untiring efforts in typing and assembling forms and tables from our not-so-well-organized notes. This report owes its completeness and format to the excellent editorial and illustrative skills of John Andresen, Ken Gobber, and Carrol Moxham, without whom this document would not see publication. We especially thank Jim Dahlin of Lincoln for his skillful creation and handling of complex files containing the photographs and architectural drawings used in this report.

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Last Updated: 15-Jan-2008