Master Plan
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Project Staffing Increases

1. When HS-2, HS-3, and HS-6 are restored, an additional 0.2 W.Y. of janitorial services and 0.3 W.Y. of seasonal park technician services will be required.

2. When restoration work on HS-8 begins, the current occupant will have to move. When that occurs, 3.0 W.Y. of guard services will be required. This can possibly be accomplished by contract.

3. When restoration of HS-5, HS-7, and HS-9 is completed, 0.8 W.Y. of subject-to-furlough and 1.2 W.Y. of seasonal park technician and 0.7 W.Y. of janitorial or museum aid services will be required.

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Last Updated: 14-Aug-2009