Master Plan
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Team Composition

Members of the Planning Team:

Fred Kaas, Midwest Regional OfficeTeam Captain
*David A. Clary, Midwest Regional OfficeHistorian
Dan L. Wilson, Midwest Regional OfficeLandscape Architect
*Douglas Scott, Fort Towson, OklahomaArcheologist
*Vance L. Kaminski, Midwest Regional OfficeHistorical Architect
Arthur Hewitt, Midwest Regional OfficeInterpretive Specialist
John Albright, Denver Service CenterHistorian
*Alan E. Denniston and Jim Taylor, Superintendents, Fort Larned National Historic SiteManagement Participants
Staff, Fort Larned National Historic SiteParticipants

Consultants to the Planning Team:

*Max W. Holden, Midwest Regional OfficeBiologist
Ralph G. Dierks, Midwest Regional OfficeCivil Engineer

Others Consulted by the Planning Team:

Director, Fort Larned Historical Society
Kansas State Historic Preservation Officer
William J. Wagner, FAIA, Des Moines, Iowa
James Wolf, Structural Engineer, Denver Service Center
Henry A. Judd, Chief Historical Architect, National Park Service
Frank M. Gerner, Historical Architect, Denver Service Center

Other individuals consulted during the preparation of the environmental assessment are listed in Appendix E.

* Transferred or no longer with the National Park Service

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Last Updated: 14-Aug-2009