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The will of William Lyster who served as the Fort Larned post commander from June 1874 until June 1877

I, William J. Lyster, Colonel of the 9th. Infantry, U.S. Army, being of sound mind, declare this to be my last will and testament. In presence of Almighty God and these witnesses.

To my beloved wife Martha Gurtrie Lyster, I will and bequeath all my estate, real and personal, including any money, stocks and bonds, except the items and articles enumerated below;- To my beloved daughter Martha Aileen, the sum of Five Hundred dollars to be paid her from policy on my life in the Mass. B.L.A. also my mother's melodeon and silver skewer, and one of my infantry Captain swords and leather or metal scabbard. Also one half of the remaining 1/3 parcel of land undivided of the late Rev. N.N. Lyster estate in town of Cambridge, Co. of Lenawee, State of Michigan. To my beloved son Theodore Charles Lyster the sum of five hundred dollars to be paid from policy in Mass. Benefit Life Assn. Aso silver salver and gold watch and fob and seal, and my saddle and cloth and spurs and Sabre and the turkish Cemeter given by Spanish Ambassador to Turkey to Col. Thomas Lyster, R.A. and Scott Gun.

Signed at Madison Barracks, on the 10th. day of May, 1897.

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