Fort Laramie
Park History, 1834-1977
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Fort William
Figure 1. Fort William, a log stockade built in 1834, was the first Fort Laramie. It was sketched in water color by A. J. miller in 1837. (Photo courtesy of the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore.)

Fort John
Figure 2. Fort John, the second Fort Laramie, was an adobe structure built in 1841 by the American Fur Company. It was sketched in 1849 by emigrant James F. Wilkins. (Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society.)

Fort Laramie
Figure 3. This sketch by Merritt Houghton in the Signal Corps Collection of the National Archives, Washington, D.C., shows Fort Laramie just before abandonment in 1889.

Old Bedlam
Figure 4. Bachelor officers were quartered in Old Bedlam, shown here in an 1889 photograph. It was the setting for Captain Charles King's famous novel, Queen of Bedlam. (Photograph courtesy of E. A. Brininstool.)

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