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Most of the following illustrations are photographs of dormitory interiors. They are the best single source for the contents and layout of such a room. Although all of them with the exception of Plate Number 10 date from the 1880s and 1890s, they should serve as a guide and are referred to many times in the preceding text.

Plate 1. The Fort Laramie cavalry barracks was built in 1874 according to standardized plans published by the Quartermaster General. Plate 1 is the floor plan for the first floor. (National Archives)

Plate 2. This is the second story floor plan for the dormitory in the 1874 cavalry barracks at Fort Laramine. (National Archives)

Plate 3. Kitchen at Fort Sill around 1895. (National Archives)

Plate 4. Squad room at Fort Custer, 1895. (National Archives)

Plate 5. Squad room at Fort D. A. Russell, late 1880s. (National Archives)

Plate 6. Squad room at Fort Grant, date unknown. (National Archives)

Plate 7. Squad room at Fort Robinson, early 1890s. (National Archives)

Plate 8. Squad room at Fort Wingate, date unknown. (National Archives)

Plate 9. Squad room, location unknown, late 1890s. (Smithsonian Institution)

Plate 10. Squad room at Fort Leavenworth, 1874. Note the water cooler and the bunks. (National Archives)

Plate 11. Squad room at Fort Walla Walla, late 1880s. This squad room was similar to that in the Fort Laramie 1874 cavalry barracks. It could serve as a basis for the bunk layout, stoves, shelves, and etc. (National Archives)

Plate 12. Squad room at Fort Assiniboine, date unknown. (National Archives)

Plate 13. Squad room at Fort Custer, date unknown. (National Archives)

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