The Cavalry Barracks
Fort Laramie Furnishing Study
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This furnishing study, Undertaken in compliance with Resource Study Proposal FOLA—H—55, is primarily the work of Dr. Don Rickey, Jr., who until September 1968 was the Westward Expansion Team Leader in the Branch of Park History Studies, Division of History. Dr. Rickey directed the research, organized much of the material, and wrote most of the narrative. Historian James Sheire undertook much of the research in the National Archives and Library of Congress and was responsible For the final organization.

The 1874 Fort Laramie Cavalry Barracks is the only surviving barracks of its type in the West. This report, the first cavalry barracks furnishing study undertaken by the National Park Service, is intended to provide detailed background information leading to the furnishing plan. When the structure is refurnished, it will take its place along side the officers' quarters, storehouses guardhouse, sutler's store, and bakery in the Fort Laramie scene and thus make a major contribution to completing the setting and atmosphere of this famous western outpost.

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