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Appendix 5
Clothing Requisition, Company K

On January 19, 1876, Capt. James Egan, Company K, 2nd Cavalry, submitted an "Estimate of Clothing, Camp and Garrison Equipage Required for Company K, 2nd Cavalry." The requistition was filled by August 1876 and thus gives a good idea of the uniform items the members of this company had in their possession at that time.

Articles Required On Hand to be
To be Supplied
Campaign Hats705614
Forage Caps631350
Cap Crossed Sabers200100100
Cap Letters, brass266166100
Great Coats, blanket lines50none50
Uniform coats, musicians2none2
Uniform coats, privates25718
Blouses, lined1203090
Stable Frocks140none140
Overalls, pairs of15032118
Trousers, privates, made1406773
Shirts, flannel21057153
Drawers, pairs of3005295
Stockings, pairs of400200200
Berlin Gloves, pairs of560126434
Mittens, Woolen, pairs of1409644
Boots, brass, screwed120none120
Arctic Overshoes70none70
Blankets, woolen85580
Sgts. Trousers, Stripes24none24
Corpls. Trousers, Stripes24none24

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