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Appendix 1
Muster Roll and Record of Events

This appendix, consisting of the Company K, 2nd Cavalry Muster Roll for July—August 1876, the record of events from the same, and the Fort Laramie Special Orders pertaining to the company, lists the members of Company K and their activities during the period.

Name Rank Enlistment Birthplace Remarks
James EganCaptain2nd Lt. — 1856Ireland
Colon Augur1st Lieutenant2nd Lt. — 1868U. S. A.
James N. Allison2nd Lieutenant2nd Lt. — 1871U. S. A.

John Gleason1st SergeantsecondU. S. A.present
Charles FisherSergeantthirdGermanypresent
John YoungSergeantfirstWest Indiespresent
Charles DahlgreenSergeantsecondSwedenon detached service, S.O. 131
Thomas KellySergeantfirstIrelandpresent
Andrew CullenSergeantfirst   ?present

Joseph ParkerCorporalsecond   ?present
James TrukaCorporalsecondBohemiapresent
Patrick NortonCorporalfirst   ?on detached service, Chugwater
Henry HulinCorporalfirstU. S. A.present
Herman FiedlerTrumpeterfirst   ?present
Patrick GoingsFarrierfirstIrelandpresent
Jeremiah CaseyBlacksmithfirstIrelandpresent
Edward DroegeSaddlerfirstU. S. A.present

Burke, JohnPrivatesecondIrelandpresent
Black, HenryPrivatefirstU. S. guard house
Bethon, WilliamPrivatefirstU. S. A.on detached service
Brown, WilliamPrivatefirstU. S. A.extra duty, plasterer
Benson, JosephPrivatefirstU. S. A.on detached service, S.O. 131
Bennett, JamesPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Burke, JohnPrivatefirstIrelandon detached service, S.O.131
Carney, JamesPrivatefirstIrelandin guardhouse
Crowley, PaulPrivatefirstU. S. A.on detached service, S.O. 131
Crowley, CorneliusPrivatefirstIrelandpresent
Collins, EmeryPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Dresden, GeorgePrivatesecondGermanypresent
Droege, JohnPrivatefirstU. S. A.sick
De Bont, EdwardPrivatefirstFrancesick in post hospital
Eagan, EdwardPrivatefirstU. S. A.on detached service, S.O. 131
Fergergrun, FrankPrivatefirst   ?present
Fersch, CharlesPrivatefirst   ?on detached service, S.O. 131
Fillinger, ThomasPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Fleischman, JohnPrivatefirstGermanypresent
Flam, AdolphPrivatefirst   ?present
Forsyth, WilliamPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Griefield, HenryPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Holland, WilliamPrivatesecondEnglandpresent
Hood, WilliamPrivatesecondU. S. A.present
Himmelsbach, MichaelPrivatesecondU. S. A.present
Henry, JohnPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Jamieson, JamesPrivatefirstIrelandpresent
Kelly, JohnPrivatefirstIrelandpresent
Kenney, AndrewPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Ludlow, WilliamPrivatesecondIrelandpresent
Luhring, HenryPrivatefirstGermanypresent
Maitland, GeorgePrivatefirstU. S. A.on detached service, S.O. 131
Martin, PatrickPrivatefirstIrelandon detached service, S.O. 131
Mahoney, MichaelPrivatefirstIrelandpresent
Mulasky, AndrewPrivatesecondIrelandpresent
McCaffrey, JohnPrivatefirst   ?on detached service, S.O. 131
McNaney, ThomasPrivatesecondIrelandpresent
McNaney, ThomasPrivatefirst   ?detached service, HdQrs, 2nd Cav., Ft. Sanders
Newpert, PaulPrivatefirstGermanypresent
Paine, ClintonPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Robbins, DanielPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Richert, AugustPrivatefirstGermanyon detached service, S.O. 131 present
Studley, WilliamPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Sollinger, HenryPrivatesecondGermanydetached service, Ft. Sanders
Southwick, JonathanPrivatethirdU. S. A.present
Tasker, WarrenPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Tupper, AlexanderPrivatefirstCanadadeserted, awaiting trial New York
White, WilliamPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Attached, detachment of Company I, 2nd Cavalry
Berth, HugoPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Doyle, HenryPrivatefirst   ?in guardhouse
Kennright, WilliamPrivatefirstU. S. A.present
Schroeder, WilliamPrivatefirst   ?in confinement, 12 lb. ball, 14' chain, after six months to be drummed or trumpeted out of the post
Strong, WilliamPrivatesecondEnglandpresent
Wilson, HenryPrivatefirstU. S. A.present

Record of Events: July—August 1876

The company arrived at Sage Creek, Wyoming Territory, June 30, 1876, per S. O. 136, HdQrs, Ft. Laramie, Wyoming Territory. From July 3 to July 8 stationed at Ft. Laramie; from July 9 to July 11 on scout after hostile Indians in the vicinity of Cottonwood Creek, Wyoming Territory; stationed at Ft. Laramie from July 12 to July 19. From July 19 to July 20 on scout after hostile Indians along the Fetterman road (S. O. 164). From August 8 to August 13 stationed at Ft. Laramie. From August 13 to August 15 after hostile Indians presumed to be moving south-eastward from the Sabille toward Goskins Hole. From August 16 to August 31 stationed at Ft. Laramie. Total distance marched during the two months, 437 miles.

Special Orders, Ft. Laramie, Pertaining to Company K during August 1876

1. S. O. 162, HdQrs. Ft. Laramie, Wyoming Territory: Two men of Company K, 2nd Cavalry, mounted, armed, and equipped, and rationed for two days will proceed hence this evening as bearers of dispatches to the commanding officer, Camp Robinson, Nebraska, whence they will return without delay.

2. S. O. 164, HdQrs, Ft. Laramie, Wyoming Territory, August 3, 1876: Captain James Egan, 2nd Cavalry, with available men of his company will proceed hence at once, along the Fetterman road in the direction of the cut off to meet Captain N. S. Stanton, Corps of Engineers, and surveying party, and to trace a small escort with ambulance from Ft. Fetterman, supposed to have been killed by Indians.

3. S. O. 170, HdQrs, Ft. Laramie, Wyoming Territory, August 13, 1876: Captain James Egan 2nd Cavalry, with the available men of his company mounted, armed, and lightly equipped, and rationed for three days will proceed hence, at once, on a scout after hostile Indians presumed to be moving south-eastwards from the Sabille to Goskins Hole.

4. S. O. 177, HdQrs, Ft. Laramie, Wyoming Territory, August 23, 1876: Five privates, Company K, 2nd Cavalry (dismounted, with 1 Sergeant and 3 privates of Company F, 9th Infantry) armed, equipped, and rationed for eight days will proceed hence tomorrow morning with the battalion 4th Artillery to Red Clouds Agency as escort to subsistence stores enroute thither, and return thence with the transportation belonging to this post.

In addition one sergeant and ten men of Company K had been on detached service since June 23, 1876, per Special Order 131, HdQrs, Ft. Laramie, Wyoming Territory, which read:

A detail of one reliable sergeant and ten privates of Company K, 2nd Cavalry, mounted equipped, and furnished with 100 rounds of ammunition per man, with rations for 13 days, will proceed hence, on detached service, along the Cheyenne road, as a permanent patrol to scout up and down the valley of the Chugwater. The detachment will return to this post whenever necessary, and receive additional supplies, and the sergeant will keep a record of the marches, etc.

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