Fort Clatsop
Lewis and Clark Trail from Fort Clatsop to the Clatsop Plains
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1. In considering which sections of the Lewis and. Clark trail might be desirable for addition for the Fort Clatsop Memorial Project, first priority should be given to acquiring that section of the trail which is situated within the recommended boundaries for the Fort Clatsop Memorial Project as outlined in the boundary status report now under preparation. This section of the trail is urgently required for interpretive purposes .

2. No further consideration should be given to the proposal to acquire a small tract of hemlock forest west of the Memorial proper. If it is considered desirable to request the Crown Zellerbach Corporation to donate land for the Memorial Project, it is suggested that the company's attention be first directed to the tracts of Crown Zellerbach land within the recommended monument boundary lines, particularly to the tract lying along the west bank of the Lewis and Clark River which contains the old Lewis and Clark landing site.

3. After adequate legislative provision has been made for permitting the acquisition of all the lands within the recommended boundaries of the Fort Clatsop Memorial Project, consideration should be given to the possibility of adding to the Memorial a section of the Lewis and Clark trail to the west of the recommended boundaries . The area to be considered for such an addition should not be less than that shown on Maps 3 and 4 of the present report.

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Last Updated: 04-May-2004