Fort Clatsop
Lewis and Clark Trail from Fort Clatsop to the Clatsop Plains
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11Neacoxie Creek now flows southward past this old mouth for a number of miles and empties into Neawanna Creek, near the present town of Gearhart. In Lewis and Clark's day, Neacoxie Creek was the outlet for the present Cullaby Lake. Years later settlers in the region diverted the drainage from the lake into the Skipanon River.

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14The exact identification of the salt works site is not part of the present study. For our purposes it is sufficient to place the works in the Seaside vicinity, an identification clearly made by Clark's maps. For example, see Map 5 of Hussey, Suggested Area Report, Fort Clatsop Site. See also Thwaites, op. cit., III, 312-314.

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40In his journal for January 5, 1806, Lewis stated that the first salt produced by the expedition' s salt works at the pre sent Seaside was "a great treat to myself and most of the party . . . I say most of the party, for my friend Capt. Clark. declares it to be a mere matter of indifference with him whether he uses it or not." Thwaites, op. cit., III, 313.

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