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Lewis And Clark Historical Groups

The memorial has maintained good relations with the Oregon, Washington, and national Lewis and Clark organizations. The primary group affecting the memorial has been the Oregon Governor's Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. A governor-appointed board, memorial superintendents have served on it and attend regular meetings. The committee concerns itself with Oregon Lewis and Clark historic sites and Oregon portions of the historic trail, considering the preservation and maintenance of these sites. The memorial also coordinates with the national Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, attending annual meetings and utilizing the organization as a support base. Other groups include the Washington State Lewis and Clark Trail Committee and the Lewis and Clark Historical Pageant. [1]

The memorial has participated in annual symposiums with these groups, and regularly hosts symposiums at the site. These groups provide a significant resource for historical research and support for the park's interpretation program. The state's most well-known Lewis and Clark enthusiasts have played a strong role in the memorial's history, especially the late Dr. Eldon G. Chuinard, Irving Anderson, and the late Robert Lange. Coordination for research on the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail in Oregon has been an important issue between these groups and the memorial, which is an essential piece in the trail. The memorial receives strong support from these organizations which are an important public tie.

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Last Updated: 20-Jan-2004