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Salt Works Interpretation

Salt Works interpretation has relied almost entirely on non-personal interpretation. With acquisition of the site in 1979, the memorial designed exhibit signs for the site which told the story of the saltmakers of the Expedition and the importance of salt. The plaque installed by the Seaside Lions Club at the 1955 replica dedication also describes the preservation of the site after 1900. The club provides daily monitoring of the site, with routine maintenance done under contract with the City of Seaside. Landscaping, including the installation of a split-rail fence and planting of some native shrubbery, was completed in 1986 to improve the surrounding scene. The landscaping was enhanced during the summer of 1994, with the construction of a cobblestone wall and other site improvements.

When staffing has permitted, summer programs with a seasonal ranger have been held. The memorial ranger was available to talk with visitors about the Expedition, the process they used to make salt, and its importance to the Expedition. These programs were able to reach some of the Seaside tourist traffic not usually reached with personal interpretation. The programs were a success with the visitors. Future interpretation at the Salt Works site beyond non-personal media depends on available staffing and funding. A few of the Salt Works neighbors have grown to dislike the increase in traffic at the site over the years. The issue of maintaining the proper historic setting, interpretation, and visitor access at the Salt Works site is one issue being addressed by the new General Management Plan.

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Last Updated: 20-Jan-2004