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Grounds Maintenance

Beginning in 1960, emphasis was placed on the restoration of the historic scene around the fort replica. These efforts led to continued reforestation around the memorial grounds and have fallen under maintenance division projects. The memorial has also maintained 1.5 miles of trail between park interpretive sites and a picnic area. Projects that have occurred over the years include: regular replacement of wood chips on the trails, the addition of a short trail loop in 1964, expansion of the picnic area in 1972, placement of a split-rail fence at the spring site in 1972, and the building of three picnic shelters in 1988.

In 1988, a historic landscape plan was developed for the memorial which outlined a three year program. Phase I, completed in 1988, realigned the trail from the visitor center to the fort replica. [17] Phase II, completed in 1989, created a wood chipped trail on the east side of the fort replica and a new flintlock rifle demonstration area to the northeast of the fort. Phase II also completed necessary clearing in the replica area to reopen vistas of the Lewis and Clark River. [18] Phase III of the plan, which included vista clearings and vegetation maintenance, was implemented in 1990. [19]

In 1990, visual compatibility guidelines were completed for the memorial. These guidelines were established for maintenance of park facilities. The visual and historic resources were examined in conjunction with the facilities at the memorial. The guidelines recommend the use of historic design features at interpretive sites or the use of rustic design features that blend with the natural environment. The guidelines cover a range of design issues, including the construction of garbage receptacles and the covering of the sewer lift switches. The guidelines are designed to "create and document design details which will establish a unified visual character and reflect the historic and natural integrity of the park." [20]

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