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The issuance of the latest U.S. flag stamp helps maintain a 26-year tradition of the continuous appearance of the U.S. flag as a major design element on one or more stamps.

With the advent of multicolor capability, the appearance of the U.S. flag on a stamp was immediate and there have been at least 18 stamps released since that time featuring "Old Glory."

A 1988 22-cent stamp featuring the flag flying over the U.S. Capitol. © 1985 US POSTAL SERVICE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Another 1988 issue was the 25-cent stamp featuring the flag flying above the Half-Dome in California's Yosemite National Park. © UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE 1988

In 1989 a $2.40 priority mail stamp, was introduced featuring the first moon landing where the Apollo 11 astronauts planted the U.S. flag in the lunar surface on July of 1969. © UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE 1989

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Last Updated: 16-Feb-2010