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The Library of Congress prepared this list for use by students interested in learning more about the flag of the United States. These publications may be found in school and public libraries.

Behrens, June. A New Flag for a New Country: The First National Flag; A Play. Chicago: Childrens Press, 1975.

Bennett, Mabel R. . . . So Gallantly Streaming": The Story of Old Glory; the History and Proper Use of Our Flag from 1776 to the Present. New York: Drake, 1974.

Bennett, Mabel R. Old Glory: the Story of Our Flag. Largo, FL; Snibbe Publications, 1970.

Blassingame, Wyatt. The Story of the United States Flag. Champaign, IL: Garrard, 1969.

Boy Scouts of America. Broad Stripes and Bright Stars, New York; American Herit age Press, 1970.

Cooper, Grace Rogers. Thirteen-star Flags: Keys to Identification. Washington; Smithsonian Institution Press (Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology, No. 21), 1973.

Crouthers, David. Flags of American History. Maplewood, NJ; Hammond, 1978.

D'Allessandro, Robert. Glory. New York; Elephant Publishing, 1973.

Delaplaine, Edward S. John Philip Sousa and the National Anthem. Frederick, MD; Great Southern Press, 1983.

Devine, Louise Lawrence. The Story of Our Flag. Chicago; Rand McNally, 1968.

Fradin, Dennis B. The Flag of the United States. Chicago; Childrens Press, 1988.

Furlong, William Rea. So Proudly We Hail. Washington, DC; Smithsonian Institution Press, 1981.

Historic American Flags. Worcester, MA; A.J. St. Onge, 1968.

Kaddy, Bedford O. Where and Why the American Flag Flies Twenty-four Hours a Day. New York; Vantage Press, 1977.

Key, Francis Scott. The Star Spangled Banner. Garden City, NY; Doubleday, 1973.

Library of Congress. American Revolution Bicentennial Office, Twelve Flags of the American Revolution. Washington; Library of Congress Exhibits Office, 1974.

Lichtenwanger, William. The Music of the Star-Spangled Banner from Ludgate Hill to Capitol Hill. Washington: Library of Congress, 1977.

Manning, John R. The Story of Old Glory. Phoenix, AZ; Continuing Education Institute, 1971.

Mastai, Bolesaw. The Stars and Stripes; The American Flag as Art and as History, from the Birth of the Republic to the Present. New York; Knopf, 1973.

Mayer, Jane (Rothschild). Betsy Ross and the Flag. New York; Random House (Landmark Books; 26), 1952.

Miller, Natalie. The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner. Chicago; Childrens Press, 1965.

Morris, Robert. The Truth About the Betsy Ross Story. Beach Haven, NJ; Wynnehaven Publishing Co., 1982.

Morris, Robert. The Truth About the American Flag. Beach Haven, NJ; Wynnehaven Publishing Co., 1976.

Mountain, Lee Harrison. Uncle Sam and the Flag. Fayettville, GA; Oddo Publishers, 1978.

National Flag Foundation. The New Constellation: the Story of America as Told Through Its Flags, Which Are the Symbols of Its Civil, Economic, and Religious Freedom. Pittsburgh, PA; The Foundation, 1977.

Parrish, Thomas. The American Flag. New York; Simon and Schuster, 1973.

Quaife, Milo Milton. The History of the United States Flag, From the Revolution to the Present, Including a Guide to Its Use and Display. New York: Harper, 1961.

Rivers, Anderson Man. History of the American Flag. New York; Vantage Press, 1967.

Silkett, John T. Francis Scott Key and the History of the Star Spangled Banner. Washington; Vintage America Publishing Co., 1978.

Smith, Whitney. The Flag Book of the United States. New York; Morrow, 1975.

The Star-Spangled Banner: Glorious American Heritage; Handbook for School, Home, and Community. Compiled by C.F. Nagro. Roselle, IL; Rosellian Fine Arts Society, 1975.

Tonn, Maryjane Hooper. You're a Grand Old Flag. Milwaukee, WI; Ideals Publishing Co., 1972.

United States Marine Corps. How to Respect and Display Our Flag. Washington, DC; Government Printing Office, 1968.

Waller, Leslie. Our Flag. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960.

Wannamaker, W.W. A Story of American Flags; From the Banners of Columbus to the First Flag on the Moon. Columbia, SC; State Printing Co., 1971.

Weil, Ann. Betsy Ross, Girl of Old Philadelphia. New York; Aladdin Books, 1983.

Werstein, Irving. The Stars and Stripes. New York; Golden Press, 1969.

Williams, Earl P. What You Should Know About the American Flag. Lanham, MD; Historical Press, 1987.

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