Effigy Mounds
Administrative History
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Chapter 1: The First Inhabitants

Chapter 2: Euro—American Use of the Area

Chapter 3: The National Park Movement

Chapter 4: The Authorization of Effigy Mounds National Monument

Chapter 5: Land Acquisition

Chapter 6: Staffing and Administration

Chapter 7: Developing the National Monument

Chapter 8: Resources Management and Research

Chapter 9: Interpretive Programs at Effigy Mounds National Monument

Appendix A: Chronology of Events

Appendix B: Enabling Legislation

Appendix C: Land Acquisition Summaries

Appendix D: Employees of Effigy Mounds National Monument

Appendix E: List of Studies


Index (omitted from the online edition)


Figure 1: The Four Most Common Effigy Shapes

Figure 2: Map of the Neutral Zone, 1830

Figure 3: The Winnebago Yellow River School and Farm, Circa 1840

Figure 4: Mrs. Zeruiah Post

Figure 5: Halfway House (Sketch by A.R. Prescott, Circa 1852)

Figure 6: Ellison Orr, 1920

Figure 7: Detail, Orr Map of the Marching Bear Mound Group

Figure 8: Map of the Yellow River and Jennings-Liebhardt Mound Groups

Figure 9: Aerial Photograph of the Sny Magill Mound Group

Figure 10: Map of the original Boundary of Effigy Mounds National Monument

Figure 11: Louise Parker, E.T. Scoyen, and Howard Baker

Figure 12: Tract Donated by Des Moines Founders' Garden Club

Figure 13: Howard Baker, Robert Bray, Walter ("Pete") Berrett, David Thompson, and Conrad Wirth

Figure 14: Map Showing the 100-Acre Ferguson Property and the Teaser Exchange

Figure 15: Map of the Sny Magill Unit

Figure 16: The Headquarters Area, 1949

Figure 17: The Little Bear Mound, Circa 1952

Figure 18: The Visitor Center as Viewed from the Fire Point Trail, Circa 1960

Figure 19: Archeologist Paul Beaubien Examining a Trench through a Mound in the North Unit, 1950

Figure 20: Mission 66 Museum Exhibits

Figure 21: Early Exhibit Containing Human Skeletal Remains

Figure 22: Family Hiking on the North Unit Trail

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