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This project would not have been completed without the gracious assistance of many people.

Superintendent Tom Munson was always available to answer questions and help me locate information. His eighteen—year tenure as manager of the Effigy Mounds National Monument provided rare and extensive insights concerning all aspects of the monument's history during the 1970s and 1980s. Tom, his staff, and his dog, Barney, made me feel genuinely welcome at Effigy Mounds. Staff members Joyce Nading and Bev Siglin assisted me in locating materials in the monument's files and library, and offered unflagging administrative support. Rod Rovang, Jim David, Tom Sinclair, John Yates, and Tim Mason shared their research and wisdom on various topics covered in this report.

Former monument employees Bob Petersen and Cynthia Piirto shared their remembrances concerning research and interpretive programs at Effigy Mounds. Bob's technical review of the draft history was invaluable in clarifying several aspects of the draft.

Mark Lynott, Jeff Richner, Jan Dial-Jones, and Bob Nickel tirelessly answered my questions about anthropology and archeology.

Ron Cockrell oversaw the preliminary research and oral history program undertaken by graduate student Bill Wood. The information shared with Bill by former Midwest Regional Director Howard Baker; former monument employees Ralph Blackwell, Dan Bickel, Bob Bray, Bud Carnicle, Jackie Lamb, Wil Logan, and Bev Siglin; present employees Jim David, Tim Mason, Tom Munson, Rod Rovang, Dennis Runge, and Tom Sinclair; and Archeologist Dale Henning of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, provided "flesh" for the documentary "bones" of this report.

Bill Harlow prepared the graphics for the cover. Andy Ketterson allowed me time from my other duties to research and write.

Archeologist David Berwick and Historian John Anfinson of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers helped me unravel the mysteries of the Sny Magill transfer and the preservation of the FTD site.

To these, and all who helped with this study, I offer my humble and sincere gratitude.

To my son, Bill, born shortly before I began this project, I offer an apology for being away so much, and all my love.

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Last Updated: 08-Oct-2003