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Chapter Eight:

1See Appendix E for a list of studies related to the area's history, archeology, and natural history.

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7"GS" refers to the Federal government's general service grade schedule for ranking employees. Higher grades require stiffer requirements for eligibility and greater levels of responsibility than lower grades in the same job—type series.

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14For greater discussion of the Mission 66 development program, please see Chapter 7.

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25"Rediscovered" is a more accurate term, since T.H. Lewis recorded two bears, one other unspecified animal effigy, thirteen embankments, and thirty—seven conicals on the Nazekaw terrace in 1892. In 1926, Ellison Orr recorded two bear effigies and seven conicals at the site. When Luther College conducted a survey in 1976, they located only three conicals and two linear mounds on the Nazekaw terrace. See Dean Thompson to Superintendent Thomas Munson, March 1, 1976.



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32The association uses the ampersand (&) rather than the word "and" in its name.

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40The other Clark College volunteers included Carl Mann, Elizabeth Shepard, Stephanie Hoffman, Arndt Braaten, Cena Nielson, Gunilla Ander, Eva—Lena Persson, Haakon Vennemo, Morten Strand, Laura Hampton, Tim Rawson, Judy Abbeglen, Jud Fisher, Laurie Frye, and Walt Mauer. See letter, Superintendent Thomas Munson to Dr. Elsin Farwell, April 28, 1980.

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44The team for the first phase of the onsite investigation included Archeologists Cathie Masters and Richard Rogers and Archeological Aide Laurine Rogers.

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All of this clearly points out the difficulty of survey work at Sny Magill, where heavy brush and poison ivy cover the mounds throughout the growing season.

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55Notice of Award, PX6115-7-0223, Scott, to Dr. Dale Henning, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, September 16, 1987. Henning was the second to research rock shelters within the national monument; Robert W. Petersen conducted a reconnaissance survey of rock shelters in 1985. See Petersen, "Survey of Potential Rock Shelter Sites, Effigy Mounds National Monument," Manuscript, (National Park Service, 1985).

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