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Chapter Seven:

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4The number was changed to 76 on January 1, 1969, when several states adjusted their highway numbers to conform with neighboring states. See C.S. Carmean, Traffic Engineer, Iowa State Highway Commission, to Superintendent Milt Thompson, October 23, 1968; and Des Moines Sunday Register, March 24, 1968.

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The following October, Kennedy hired Marquette farmer Ralph Blackwell to build a temporary equipment storage shed which also housed a small office. Blackwell provided his own tractor, loader gasoline, materials, and labor for a fee of $3.00 per hour. [9] The National Park Service also constructed two privies for public use.

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43The Service installed two separate sewage systems, one serving the visitor center, the other serving the residential area.

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58In 1966, the National Park Service objected to the mooring of boats in the slough near the boat ramp. The state, noting that the Service could refuse to renew the special use permit, ordered the boats removed. See letter, Superintendent Stuart Maule to Everett B. Speaker, Director, Iowa Conservation Commission, October 12, 1965; letter, Gary Ackerman, District Fisheries Super visor, to K.M. Madden, July 11, 1966; and letter, Madden to Maule, July 29, 1966.

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