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Chapter Three:

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19Established in 1937 as Region II (a.k.a. Region Two) of the National Park Service, the name was changed to Midwest Region in 1962. The boundaries of the region changed several times during its half—century of existence.

20According to Ellison Orr, local preservation groups had been trying for some time (but without success) to get the state to appropriate money to by the Fish Farm group. "Finally," Orr wrote, "two of us—one in Lansing and one in Waukin—circulated a subscription list asking individual donations of $1.00. [Other sources claim the two men literally passed their hats at a service club luncheon.] In one afternoon the necessary $100.00 was secured to purchase the 2.94 acres. . . ." The two men, acting as trustees, received a warranty deed from the owners, after which they deeded the land to the State. "The only 'string' attached to the donation was that the group should be designated as the Fish Farm Mound Group" because of the previous owner's association with a fish hatchery. See letter, Parker to Schroeder.

21Interestingly enough, the land comprising Pike's Peak State Park was donated to the U.S. Biological Survey in 1928 to form part of the national park then being proposed. Not wanted by the federal government, the "Munn Lands," so called from the donor's name, were granted by Congress to the state of Iowa in 1936, with the stipulation that the land be used only for a state park or parks. Mrs. Addison Parker, Sd., letter to E.C. Schroeder of McGregor, Iowa, n.d., in Effigy Mounds history folder, Effigy Mounds National Monument.

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