Rhymes of a National Park Naturalist
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Publishing a collection of original rhymes is, without doubt, an indication of egotism on the part of the author. People who buy verse are considered as "intelligentsia" by the ordinary citizen. The rhymes in this collection were written by an ordinary citizen for the enjoyment of ordinary citizens. The author does not expect to become financially independent through returns from the sale of this publication.

What, then, motivates the author? To experience the thrill of seeing his brain child in print is probably the chief incentive. There is also the dubious satisfaction of presenting to his many friends a birthday or Christmas gift completely personal and thoroughly unique. Whether or not it is a welcome acquisition is beside the point.

In a small way, the verses as dated provide a rough pattern of the writer's lifetime and a glimpse of his thoughts through a period of more than fifty years. In doing so, they provide the writer with a nostalgic reminder of many people and places that would otherwise be lost to him in the hazy unreality of the past.

Natt Dodge

Santa Fe, New Mexico

(Better Known as R.J.)
This Book Is Affectionately

Ocean-going freight steamer on Puget Sound — Natt Dodge

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Rhymes of a National Park Naturalist
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