Historic Structure Report
Quarry Visitor Center
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Administrative Data

A. Name and Location: Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center
LCS# HS 217

CLI# Unknown

UTM location Zone 35 Easting 4,477,820 Northing 644,150

B. Proposed Treatment

C. Related Studies
Allaback, Sarah, Mission 66 Visitor Centers: The History of a Building Type. (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 2000).

National Historic Landmark Nomination, Quarry Visitor Center, September 1, 2000.

D. Cultural Resource Data

Property listed in the National Register as National Historic Landmark, January 3, 2001; Property listed in the National Register as part of the Dinosaur National Monument Multiple Resources Listing, 1986.

The period of significance is 1957-1958. The study of Mission 66 visitor centers (Allaback, 2000) and the National Historic Landmark nomination provided the historical context for and the substantiation of the dates of the period of significance.

Unpublished works making specific reference to the structure include the following sources, arranged chronologically:

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8. "Reconstruction Plaza and Entry Walks, Quarry Area. 02/69

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