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1. September 1737 Walking Purchase
This transaction transferred the land from the Delaware Indians to the Penns. Nicholas Scull surveyed the boundaries of the tract.

2. August 22, 1753 Thomas and Richard Penn to Nicholas Scull. 391-1/4 acres £60.12.10

3. July 4, 1754 Nicholas Scull to Amos Strettell. 391-1/4 acres (A copy of this deed could not be found in Easton.)

4. 1780 Amos Strettell to daughters Ann and Frances Strettell Morris. Strettell left the property to his daughters in his will. 391-1/4 acres

5. April 17, 1790 Cadwalader and Ann Morris, Benjamin and Frances Morris to Samuel Piper. 391-1/4 acres £782.10 (As stated in the text, various spellings of Pipher exist in the historic literature.)

6. August 1812 Samuel Piffer to Peter Piffer. Samuel left the center section of the farm to his son in his will. Acreage not provided in will.

7. April 17, 1841 Peter Pipher and wife to Samuel Pipher. 199 acres 109 perches $7,500

8. December 18, 1868 Samuel Pipher and wife to Julius S. Howell, et al. 181 acres 112 perches $25,000

9. December 27, 1873 Enos Werkheiser to John A. Morison. 181 acres 112 perches $20,000 The land was sold at a public sale by the sheriff of Northampton County.

10. September 26, 1913 John A. Morison executor (Robert S. Morison) to Edwin G. Reynolds. 181 acres 112 perches $1.00

11. May 5, 1924 Edwin G. Reynolds to Charles M. Munsch. 181 acres 112 perches $3,000

12. January 27, 1937 Charles M. Munsch to Alice M. Munsch. 181 acres 112 perches $1,800

13. 1966 Alice M. Munsch to U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. 169.38 acres

1966 Fred W. Keifaber to U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. 4.52 acres (This section of land was part of Alice Munsch's purchase from her parents.)

14. November 10, 1978 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers to National Park Service. 173.9 acres (Section 316 of the National Parks and Recreation Act—the "Omnibus Act"—transferred corps land to the National Park Service.)

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