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Appendix 12
Northampton County Tax and Assessment Records 1789-1834

12. Northampton County Tax and Assessment Records 1789-1834
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NOTE: Both hardbound books containing tax information and microfilm were examined at the Northampton County Government Center in Easton. The microfilm was very difficult to read and therefore, some of the above numbers and spelling of names may be incorrect. When some of the hardbound tax books were examined, it was discovered that their contents did not always match that on the microfilm. The director of court services was at a loss to explain this. The tax records from the 1830s to 1840s provided only the tax paid; the books for these years were stored in a vault at the courthouse and were inaccessible. The tax books for the 1840s through 1880s were stored in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and were also inaccessible.

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