The Story of Boulder Dam
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Boulder Dam Today (two articles).
Engineering News-Record, February 6, 1930.

Construction of the Boulder Dam.
Compressed Air Magazine, series of articles beginning November 1931 and continuing to completion of the dam.

Classification of Concrete Aggregates for Hoover Dam—W. R. Nelson.
Pit and Quarry, October 19, 1932.

Hoover Dam Cement Specifications Tentatively Formulated—J. L. Savage.
Engineering News-Record, November 10, 1932.

First Stage at Hoover Dam.
Engineering News-Record, December 15, 1932.

Mass Concrete Research for Hoover Dam—B. W. Steele.
Journal, American Concrete Institute, March-April 1933.

Hydraulic Model Tests for Boulder Dam Spillways—E. W. Lane.
Engineering News-Record, August 10, 1933.

Boulder Dam Research (five articles).
Journal, American Concrete Institute, September-October 1933.

Second Stage at Boulder Dam.
Engineering News-Record, December 21, 1933.

Cableway Places Concrete in Boulder Dam.
Construction Methods, February and March 1934.

Boulder Dam Cement and Concrete Studies—R. F. Blanks.
Engineering News-Record, November 22, 1934.

Construction Features at Boulder Dam (series of articles).
Mechanical Engineering, July through December 1934.

Cooling Boulder Dam Concrete—B. W. Steele.
Engineering News-Record, October 11, 1934.

Mass Concrete Tests in Large Cylinders—R. F. Blanks and C. C. McNamara.
Journal American Concrete Institute, January-February 1935.

Geology of Boulder and Norris Dam Sites—Charles P. Berkey.
Civil Engineering, January 1935.

An Investigation of the Permeability of Mass Concrete with Particular Reference to Boulder Dam—A. Ruettgers, E. N. Vidal, and S. P. Wing.
Journal American Concrete Institute, March-April 1935.

Boulder Dam—G. Ross Robertson.
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, March 1935.

The Boulder Canyon Project and Its Mission in the Development of the Colorado River Basin—Walker R. Young.
Reclamation Era, April 1935.

Significance of the Boulder Canyon Project—Walker R. Young.
Civil Engineering, May 1935.

Mission of Boulder Dam Fulfilled—Walker R. Young.
Civil Engineering, June 1935.

Extensive Rock Grouting at Boulder Dam.
Engineering News-Record, June 6, 1935.

Boulder Dam: Past Construction and Work Yet To Be Done—Walker R. Young.
Engineering News-Record, December 26, 1935.

The Boulder Canyon Project—Wesley R. Nelson.
Smithsonian Report, 1935.

Designs for Grouting at Boulder Damn—A. V. Werner.
Civil Engineering, September 1936.

Boulder Dam Power—Electrical West, October 1936.

Grouting Boulder Dam Tunnels—V. L. Minear.
Civil Engineering, November 1936.

Grouting the Foundations of Boulder Dam—P. A. Jones and V. L. Werner
Civil Engineering, December 1936.

Grouting Contraction Joints at Boulder Dam—James B. Hays.
Civil Engineering, February 1937.

Movement of Boulder Dam Due to Grouting—-A. Warren Simonds.
Civil Engineering, April 1937.

Ornamental Features of Boulder Dam.
Compressed Air Magazine, June 1938.

Boulder Dam—Power and Play.
American Forests, July 1938.

The Engineer Views the Boulder Dam Project.
Penn State Engineer, January 1939.

Electrical Features of the Boulder Dam Power Plant.
Engineering (London), February 10 and 24, 1939.

Boulder Power Plant.
The Reclamation Era, March 1939.

Boulder Damn Transmission (Symposium on operation).
Electrical Engineering, April 1939.

Boulder Dam Hydroelectric Plant.
The International Engineer, May 1939.

Distribution of Materials by States Used in Boulder Dam and Grand Coulee Dam
Southwest Builder and Contractor, June 6, 1939.

Observations at Boulder Dam with Instruments.
Engineering News-Record, July 6, 1939.

Monuments to the Living—Walter K. M. Slavik.
The Reclamation Era, February 1940.

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