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We are pleased to make available this administrative history, part of our ongoing effort to provide a comprehensive account of the development of each National Park Service unit in the Southeast Region. This narrative was written by Cameron Binkley and Steven Davis, historians under the supervision of Chief of Planning and Compliance John Barrett, all three of Cultural Resources Stewardship, Southeast Regional Office (SERO). Several other individuals and institutions contributed to the successful completion of this work. We would particularly like to thank Cowpens National Battlefield Superintendent Farrell Saunders and Chief Ranger Pat Ruff, as well as National Park Service Bureau Historians Barry Mackintosh and Janet McDonnell. A final thanks to SERO Historian Robert Blythe, who copy-edited the final draft. We hope that this administrative history will prove valuable to park managers and others in understanding the past development of Cowpens National Battlefield and in planning future activities.

Kirk A. Cordell
Chief, Cultural Resources Stewardship
Southeast Regional Office
February 2002

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Last Updated: 10-Dec-2002