A Pioneer Log Cabin in Bonita Canyon
The History of the Stafford Cabin
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Manuscripts and Official Documents

Bisbee, Arizona, Cochise County. Assessor's Office. Rural Property Records.

---, ---, ---. Recorder's Office. Deeds, Great Registers, Miscellaneous, Probate Orders. Phoenix, Arizona. United States Bureau of Land Management. Homestead Records.

---, --. Arizona State Archives. Brand Books, Assessments.

---, --. Arizona State Library. Clipping files, newspapers.

San Francisco, California. National Park Service. Western Regional Office. Files, Chiricahua National Monument.

Stafford Family Collection. Property of descendants of Ja Hu and Pauline Stafford, in various locations.

Tucson, Arizona. Arizona Historical Society. Clipping files, maps, photographs.

---, --. National Park Service. Western Archeological and Conservation Center. Faraway Ranch Papers, 1873-1976.

---, --. University of Arizona. Special Collections, Media Center.

Willcox, Arizona. National Park Service. Chiricahua National Monument. Stafford Papers, oral history collection.

Books and Periodicals

Anonymous. "The History of Faraway Ranch: The Gateway to the Wonderland of Rocks." Hoofs and Horns, Volume IV, Number 5, October 1934.

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Caywood, Louis R. The Archaeology of the Sulphur Spring Valley, Arizona. Thesis, University of Arizona, 1933.

Chappell, Gordon. National Register of Historic Places Inventory -- Nomination Form. National Park Service, 1979.

Fox, Leonard Grant. My Story: by Ruth May Fox. Salt Lake City: December 1973.

Hayostek, Cindy. "Bonita Canyon Reflections." The Cochise Quarterly, Vol. 19, No. 1, Spring 1989. Douglas: Cochise County Historical and Archaeological Society, 1989.

Hooker, Forrestine C. When Geronimo Rode. Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1924.

Leavengood, Betty. A Collection of Faraway Ranch Oral Histories. Chiricahua National Monument, 1988.

---. "Faraway Ranch: A Survey of the Correspondence in the Riggs-Erickson Collection. " Typescript, Chiricahua National Monument, July 30, 1987.

---. "Faraway Ranch History, Neil & Emma Erickson up to 1903." Typescript, Chiricahua National Monument, 1984.

Meinzer, O.E. and Kelton, F.C. Geology and Water Resources of the Sulphur Spring Valley, Arizona. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1913, p. 11.

Tagg, Martyn D. The Camp at Bonita Canon, A Buffalo Soldier Camp in Chiricahua National Monument, Publications in Anthropology No. 42. Tucson: Western Archeological and Conservation Center, 1987.

Torres, Louis [historian], and Baumler, Mark [archeologist]. History of the Buildings and Structures of Faraway Ranch, Chiricahua National Monument. Historic Structure Report, Historical and Archeological Data Sections. Denver: Branch of Planning, Alaska/Pacific Northwest/Western Team, National Park Service, Denver Service Center, 1984.

Utley, Robert M. A Clash of Cultures: Fort Bowie and the Chiricahua Apaches. Washington: National Park Service Division of Publications, 1977.

Wilson, Roscoe G. Pioneer Cattlemen of Arizona. Phoenix: The Valley National Bank, 1951.


Arizona Range News, Willcox

Arizona Republic, Phoenix

Douglas Dispatch, Douglas


Arizona Historical Society, Tucson

Arizona State Archives, Phoenix

Arizona State Library, Phoenix

Chiricahua National Monument Library and Collection

Cochise County Assessors Office, Bisbee

Cochise County Recorders Office, Bisbee

National Park Service, Western Regional Office

Phoenix Public Library, Arizona History Room

University of Arizona, Special Collections, Tucson

Western Archeological and Conservation Center (NPS), Tucson

Personal Interviews

Rose Bree, Willcox, Arizona, May 23, 1990

Col. (ret.) Tom Kelly, Bowie, Arizona, May 23 and November 11, 1990

Helen Kenney, St. David, Arizona, November 15, 1990*

Richard Y. Murray, Tucson, May 16 and 23, 1990

Donald Riggs, Tempe, Arizona, May 23, 1990

Dr. Edward N. Wheeler, Dallas, Texas, November 14, 1990*

*by telephone


Col. (ret.) Tom Kelly

Richard Y. Murray

Dr. Edward N. Wheeler

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