A Pioneer Log Cabin in Bonita Canyon
The History of the Stafford Cabin
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This paper began as the Historical Data Section of a Historic Structure Report that was never completed. Research and two drafts of this history section were complete by early 1991 when the project was shelved, although restoration work was accomplished at Stafford Cabin. Thanks to the perseverence of a number of individuals, the history of this important and fascinating little pioneer house is now presented to the public.

The author would like to thank the many people who helped with the creation of this document. Christine Rhodes of the Cochise County Recorders office was especially helpful, as were the staffs at University of Arizona, Tucson, the Arizona State Archives, and the Arizona Historical Society. The staff at Chiricahua National Monument were most helpful, especially Superintendents Dave Moore and Carol Kruse, Chuck Milliken, Dick Alexander, and Debbie Sanders. At the National Park Service's Washington Office, Chief Historian Edwin C. Bearss offered vital commentary and advice; at the NPS Western Regional Office, Thomas L. Mulhern, Chief of Historic Preservation Division, provided the opportunity to pursue this project, and Gordon Chappell, Regional Historian, and Craig Kenkel, Regional Historic Architect, gave me valuable guidance; at Point Reyes National Seashore, Don Neubacher, Chief of Interpretation, supervised the project, and Terry Edinger was always there for technical, creative, and moral support; and at Western Archeological and Conservation Center (WACC), Archivist Lynn Mitchell took me through the vast Faraway Ranch Papers with knowledge and patience.

Also at WACC, VIP/Historian Richard Y. Murray was especially helpful with his detailed knowledge of the subject, reading the manuscript a number of times and making hundreds of essential corrections and comments. Dick patiently clarified issues and offered excellent overall advice for which I thank him very much.

I am especially grateful to members of the Stafford Family, who opened their homes and offered information about the Staffords which could not be found elsewhere. Tom Kelly, who lives adjacent to Fort Bowie, and Dr. Edward Wheeler of Dallas, Texas, put a great deal of energy into the project and had impressive patience with its delays; I also appreciate Stafford descendants Helen Kenney of St. David and Donald Riggs of Tempe, as well as Rose Bree of Willcox, for allowing my numerous questions.

Stafford Cabin

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