Historic Structure Report
Historical and Archeological Data Sections

A History of the Building and Structures of Faraway Ranch
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Bisbee, Arizona, Cochise County. Assessor's Office. Rural Property Records.

These records are useful in some cases in providing description of structures and dates. Unfortunately, they only go as far back as 1966.

Tucson, Arizona. National Park Service. Western Archeological and Conservation Center. Erickson-Riggs Collection. 1880-1970.

This large collection of papers relating to the history of the Erickson family and the Faraway Ranch is divided into two sections. The first part consists of letters (written in Swedish and English), several diaries, news clippings published principally in Willcox and Bisbee, Arizona (containing items on the Ericksons), reports of Neil Erickson's work in the U.S. Forest Service, photographs of the family and ranch, and a wide assortment of data, including maps and books. The second part of this collection consists of data originated by Lillian Erickson Riggs and her husband, Ed Riggs, and includes such records dealing with the operation and management of Faraway Ranch, her reminiscences of early days, her personal letters and those of her husband's, and a wealth of photographs of the family and guests at Faraway Ranch. This section also contains Lillian's unpublished manuscript "Westward Into the Sun" (483 pp.). The Historic Structure Report, Historical Data Section, is largely based upon this collection. Without it, such a study would be almost impossible. Once the collection is carefully indexed, it will serve as a very useful tool for students of Southwestern History.


Hooker, Forrestine C. When Geronimo Rode. Garden City: Doubleday, Page and Co., 1924.

This is an autobiographical fictional account of the period when a detachment of Black troops of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment was stationed in Bonita Canyon. Mrs. Hooker was a child then (1885-86), but she recalls the cabin in which she lived and which later was acquired by the Ericksons.

Jackson, Earl. The Natural History of Chiricahua National Monument. Globe, Arizona:

Published in cooperation with the National Park Service by the Southwest Parks and Monuments Association, Inc., 1970.

Stewart, Janet Ann. Arizona Ranch Houses: Southern Territorial Styles 1869-1900. Tuscon: Arizona Historical Society, 1974.

This work is of some interest, but contains several errors.


Hoofs and HornsJuly 15, 1932
"     "October 1934
"     "November 1934
"     "February 1935
"     "September 1935
"     "October 1935
"     "November 1935
"     "December 1935
"     "January 1936

The October 1934 issue contains the article "The History of Faraway Ranch: The Gateway to the Wonderland of Rocks." This article provides a brief but accurate account of the history of Faraway Ranch.

The Saturday Evening Post. March 15, 1958.

This issue contains the article "The Lady Boss of Faraway Ranch" by A.T. Steele.


Arizona Daily Star. Tucson, Arizona. December 22, 1927.
Arizona Range News. Willcox, Arizona. November 21, 1913.
Arizona Range News. Willcox, Arizona. March 19, 1915.
Arizona Range News. Willcox, Arizona. March 2, 1917.
Arizona Range News. Willcox, Arizona. April 6, 1917.
Douglas Range News. Douglas, Arizona. January 20, 1929.


Interview with Mrs. Ethel Erickson by Louis Torres, April 29, 1983.

Interview with Mrs. Helen Kenney by Louis Torres and Jim Glass, July 13, 1983.

National Register of Historic Places Inventory--Nomination Form, prepared by Gordon S. Chappell, Regional Historian, National Park Service, Western Regional Office, July 1979.

Tucson, Arizona. Arizona Historical Society. Photographs of Faraway Ranch.

Willcox, Arizona. National Park Service. Chiricahua National Monument. Park Historical Files.

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