The Forest Service and The Civilian Conservation Corps: 1933-42

Appendix A:
Background Information on the Establishment and Organization of the CCC

Glossary of Terms for ECW (CCC) Organization Chart

Director. Duties as defined in the Act of March 31, 1933, and Executive Orders issued thereafter.

Advisory council. Representatives from the Department of War, Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior, and Department of Labor.

Fiscal agent. Chief of Finance, Receives, allocates, expends, and accounts for all funds of Emergency Conservation Work under the direction of the Director.

Assistant directors (4):

Special assistant. Advises the Director on procurement of supplies and equipment needed by all the operating agencies.

Executive assistant. Charged with the responsibility of enforcing rules and regulations issued by the Director governing all activities of cooperating agencies. Represents the Director during his absence.

Administrative assistant. Charged with the management and control of activities authorized by the Director carried on by all cooperating agencies. Signs, approves, and acts upon matters referred to him.

Special counsel. Legal advisor and opinions.

Director of publicity. Charged with the responsibility of the collection, preparation, and dissemination of information and statistical data of public interest concerning the enrolled personnel, the work, and other activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Chief clerk. Procurement Officer. Custodian of supplies and property; supervision of office organization and personnel, records, reports; obligations and estimates of funds for Director's Office; pay roll; vouchers; transportation requests; routine correspondence; and general supervision of Mail and Files Section.

Special assistant. In charge of investigations and reports on operations of rules and regulations relating to CCC camp activities; promotion of safety with respect to lives and health of enrollees; special correspondence.

Statistician. Verifies and compiles statistical data submitted by all cooperating agencies engaged on CCC work; edits and has immediate supervision of the Director's reports to the President.

Information division. Prepares and distributes information on all CCC activities. Coordinates CCC work in all cooperating agencies.

Mail and files. Receives and distributes mail, files correspondence, miscellaneous papers and reports; supervision of messengers.

Investigations and correspondence division. Prepares plans for inspection of CCC camps; receives inspector's reports; prepares correspondence thereon; general office correspondence.

Safety engineer. Has charge of safety program conducted through committees in CCC camps; sets up rules and regulations for approval by the Director.

Figure 128—Emergency Conservation Work (CCC) organization chart. (click on image for a PDF version)

Department of War. Acceptance of applicants for enrollment, their enrollment, physical conditioning, and transportation. The construction, command, administration, discipline, supply, sanitation, medical care, hospitalization, education, recreation, and welfare of work camps. Demobilization.

Department of Agriculture. Plans and executes work projects on National Forests, including Alaska and Puerto Rico, Oregon and California Wagon Road revested grant lands, wildlife refuges, and other departmental areas; conducts research incident to ECW operations in forestry and control of tree diseases and tree-destroying insects; executes camp projects for Navy on naval reservations and for TVA; supervises planning and execution of forestry and erosion control work projects on state and private lands; and purchases National Forest lands.

Department of the Interior. Charged with technical administrative supervision of Emergency Conservation Work on lands under its jurisdiction; also in State, county, and metropolitan parks; and erosion control work on private lands under the Soil Erosion Service.

Department of Labor. Selection and certification of all men to be enrolled in the ranks of the Civilian Conservation Corps (not including the Veterans' contingent and the Indians in the camps on Indian reservations).

Veterans' Administration. Selection and certification of war veterans for enrollment in the Civilian Conservation Corps camps.

First 50 CCC camps in the Eastern National Forest Regions

State and camp number Forest Camp location

1AlabamaSouth of Moulton, Lawrence County
1QuachitaNear Eagleton, Polk County
2QuachitaNear Slatington, Montgomery County
3QuachitaAly, Yell County
5QuachitaCrystal Springs, Garland County
8OzarkNorth of Mountain View, Stone County
9OzarkCass, Crawford County
10Ozark15 miles northeast of Dover, Pope County
1CherokeeMargaret, Fannin County
2CherokeeNimblemill, Lumpkin County
3CherokeeRobertstown, White County
6NantahalaEast of Clayton, Rabun County
(N.H. Camp No. 2)
White MountainStoneham Town, Oxford County
New Hampshire:
1White MountainWest of N. Woodstock (Easton Town), Grafton County
3White MountainSouth of N. Woodstock (Thornton Town), Grafton County
5White MountainSouth of Bartlett on Swift River, Carrol County
North Carolina:
1PisgahWest of Pisgah Forest, Transylvania County
2PisgahOn Mills River, Henderson County
3PisgahNorth of Old Ford, McDowell County
5PisgahMortimer, Caldwell County
7PisgahHot Springs, Madison County
10NantahalaEast of Andrews at Aquone, Macon County
1OuachitaStapp, LeFlore County
1AlleghenyNortheast of Marienville, Forest County
2AlleghenyHeart's Content, Warren County
3AlleghenyDunkle Corner, McKean County
4AlleghenyOwls Nest (northwest of Ridgeway), Elk County
5AlleghenySouthwest of Bradford on Sugar Run, McKean County
South Carolina:
1Nantahala16 miles west of Walhalla, Oconee County
1CherokeeTellico River, Monroe County
3CherokeeArchville, Polk County
4CherokeeSylco Creek, Polk County
5UnakaSouth of Johnson City, Washington County
6UnakaSouth of Elizabethton, Washington County
2Green MountainNear Peru, Bennington County
1George WashingtonPassage Creek, northwest of Luray, Page County
2George WashingtonNorth River, west of Stokesville, Augusta County
3George WashingtonNear Deerfield, Augusta County
4George WashingtonNear Fulks Run, Rockingham County
5UnakaSouth of Wytheville, Wythe County
6UnakaSouth of Marion, Smyth County
7UnakaDamascus, Washington County
8Natural BridgeNear Waynesboro, Augusta County
9Natural BridgeEast of Lexington, Rockbridge County
10Natural BridgeEast of Natural Bridge, Rockbridge County
West Virginia:
1MonongahelaDry Fork, Tucker County
2MonongahelaGlady Creek, Randolph County
4MonongahelaLaurel Fork, Randolph County
5MonongahelaWest of Circleville, Pendleton County
6MonongahelaThornwood, Pocahontas County

Amount of subsistence ration articles required for Civilian Conservation Corps (300,000 men for 30 days)

ArticleUnitQuantity No. of carloads
(80,000 lb capacity)
Required to produce the quantity

Bacon Pound 1,125,000 16 1/2 70,313 hogs
Beans, dry Pound 281,250 3 1/2 390 acres
Beef Pound 5,625,000 256 9,375 steers
Butter Pound 1,125,000 47 37,500 cows per day
Cheese Pound 140,625 2 1/2 2,130 cows per day
Chicken Pound 1,125,00 47 281,250 chickens
Eggs Each 9,000,000 30 500,000 chickens per day
Flour Pound 6,750,000 85 11,069 acres of wheat
Lard Pound 360,000 6 30,000 hogs
Milk, evaporated No. 1 can 620,685 10 2,130 cows per day
Milk, fresh Gallon 562,500 70 (tank cars) 7,212 cows per day
Onions Pound 1,125,000 14 1/2 4,500 acres
Pork Pound 2,250,000 102 86,539 hogs
Potatoes Pound 5,625,000 87 8,423 acres
Rice Pound 337,500 4 1/2 255 acres
Syrup No. 10 can 32,841 4 1/2 147 acres of cane
Sugar Pound 2,812,500 35 1/2 1,406 acres of cane
Apples No. 10 can 140,625 15 1/2
Baking Powder 5 lb. can 10,125 1
Beans, string No. 2 can 1,421,046 27 1/2
Cinnamon 4 oz. can 31,500 1/2
Cocoa 5 lb. can 33,750 4
Coffee Pound 1,125,000 37
Corn No. 2 can 900,000 18
Flavoring Extract 8 oz. bottle 22,500 1/2
Jam or Preserves No. 2 can 187,497 4 1/2
Lard Substitute Pound 360,000 6
Macaroni Pound 140,625 4
Peaches No. 10 can 100,926 11
Peas No. 2 can 900,000 18
Pepper 4 oz. can 90,000 1/2
Pickles Gallon 11,250 1 1/2
Pineapple No, 2 1/2 can 360,000 12 1/2
Prunes No. 10 can 24,993 3
Rolled Oats 20 oz. pkg. 675,000 29
Salt Pound 281,250 3 1/2
Tea Pound 28,125 2
Tomatoes No, 10 can 180,000 20
Vinegar Gallon 11,250 1 1/2

1,042 1/2

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