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Geology of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico





Previous work
Present investigation and acknowledgments


Pre-Permian rocks of the subsurface

Methods of study
Precambrian rocks
Ordovician rocks
   Bliss Sandstone
   El Paso Formation
   Rocks correlated with the Simpson Group
   Montoya Dolomite
Silurian rocks
   Fusselman Dolomite
Devonian rocks
   Percha (?) Shale
Mississippian rocks
Pennsylvanian rocks

Stratigraphy of Permian rocks

Rocks of the Delaware basin
   Wolfcamp Series
      Wolfcamp (?) Formation
   Leonard Series
      Bone Spring Limestone
   Guadalupe Series
      Delaware Mountain Group
   Ochoa Series
      Castile Formation
      Rustler Formation
Rocks of the basin margin
   Wolfcamp Series
   Leonard Series
      Victorio Peak Limestone
      Cutoff Shale
   Guadalupe Series
      Sandstone tongue of the Cherry Canyon Formation
      Goat Seep Dolomite
      Capitan Limestone
Rocks of the Northwest shelf
   Hueco Limestone
   Yeso Formation
   San Andres Limestone
   Artesia Group
      Grayburg Formation
      Queen Formation
      Seven Rivers Formation
      Yates Formation
      Tansill Formation
      Fossils of the Artesia Group

Post-Permian deposits

Cretaceous rocks
Quaternary deposits
   Gravel of Pleistocene age
   Calcareous tufa

Tertiary igneous rocks

Structural geology

Major structural elements
Older structural features
   Huapache thrust zone
   Bone Spring monocline and Bone Spring arch
Cenozoic structural features
   Linear features in Castile Formation


Major landforms

Geologic history

Economic geology

Oil and gas
   Previous exploration
   Future possibilities
Building stone
Sodium sulfate
Ground water
   Brokeoff Mountains-Dog Canyon area
   Northern Guadalupe Mountains
   Seven Rivers Embayment
   Guadalupe Ridge
   Mescal Wash and Black River valley area
   Yeso Hills and Gypsum Plain

Selected stratigraphic sections

References cited

Index (omitted from the online edition)


Thomas B. Nolan, Directory

Hayes, Philip Thayer, 1923—
Geology of the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico. Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1964.

iv, 68 p., illus., maps (1 col.) diagrs., tables. 29 cm. (U.S. Geological Survey. Professional paper 446)
Part of illustrative matter fold. in pocket.
Bibliography : p. 62-65.
1. Geology—New Mexico—Guadalupe Mountains. I. Title: The Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico. (Series)



1. Geologic map and section of Guadalupe Mountains area (omitted from the online edition)

2. Composite lithologic log of subsurface rocks in the Seven Rivers Embayment area (omitted from the online edition)

3. Graphic sections of Permian rocks and stratigraphic diagram of rocks in Guadalupe Mountains (omitted from the online edition)


1. Index map of Guadalupe Mountains region

2. Map of southeastern New Mexico and nearby areas showing location of mountain ranges referred to in text

3. Map of western Texas and eastern New Mexico and adjacent areas showing approximate positions of some sedimentary basins and uplifted areas

4. Diagram showing correlation of Permian rock units

5. Thin-bedded dark-gray limestone near top of the Lamar Limestone Member of the Bell Canyon Formation

6. Interlaminated white gypsum and dark-brownish-gray limestone in lower part of the Castile Formation

7. Probable residuum of the Salado Formation

8. Thin-bedded dolomite of the Rustler Formation

9. Lateral facies boundaries of some stratigraphic units of Guadalupe age

10. Northeast side of Slaughter Canyon

11. Photomicrograph of limestone from the massive member of the Capitan Limestone

12. Photomicrograph of limestone from the breccia member of the Capitan Limestone

13. Bedding features in the lower cherty member of the San Andres Limestone in Last Chance Canyon

14. Diagram showing stratigraphic relations in Last Chance Canyon

15. North wall of Wilson Canyon

16. Photomicrograph of dolomite from the Grayburg Formation

17. Surface and well sections showing correlation of the Grayburg and Queen Formations

18. Photomicrograph of fusulinid coquina from the Seven Rivers Formation

19. Photomicrograph of pisolitic carbonate from the lower part of the Seven Rivers Formation

20. Contact between the Yates Formation and the Tansil Formation

21. Photomicrograph of well-sorted coarse siltstone from the Yates Formation

22. Nearly vertical sandstone dike in the Capitan Limestone

23. Calcareous tufa at Sitting Bull Falls

24. Tectonic map of Guadalupe Mountains region

25. Section B—B' across Big Dog Canyon

26. Incised meanders of Dark Canyon at Serpentine Bends

27. Section C—C' through the Capitan Limestone and associated rocks

28. Outline maps of three caves

29. Areas of ground-water availability



1. Descriptive data on some caves in the Guadalupe Mountains

2. Oil and gas test wells drilled in report area before June 30, 1961

3. Chemical analyses of brines from four wells, Eddy County, N. Mex

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