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This has only been a brief summary of the more important planning documents pertaining to Capitol Reef National Monument and National Park. The purpose of this section is to give park managers a useable finding aid when these documents need to be consulted. If a document is not found in the above list, please check the bibliography of the appropriate special resource issue section. The author also recommends that this list be periodically updated.

As of this writing, Capitol Reef and regional personnel are in the midst of preparing a new series of planning documents to be finished by 1996. In this process, and in all future planning discussions, these past documents should be consulted. Park managers should understand why past planning attempts have either succeeded, failed or become lost in obscurity. Future management decisions must not be made in a historical vacuum.


1 All plans written by National Park Service personnel unless otherwise noted.

2 See Chapter 8 for details of the early efforts to establish a national monument in the area.

3 As of 1943, Charles Kelly received rent-free use of the Chesnut/Holt house and its orchard in exchange for minimal custodial duties. He was not a full-time employee until 1950, when the monument was officially activated and given its own budget.

4 1949 Development Outline, 4

5 Mission 66 Prospectus, April 1956, 2.

6 Ibid., 3.

7 Ibid., 12.

8 Land, water rights, and boundary adjustments information are provided on page 19.

9 Task Directive - General Management Plan, 1979, 2.

10 See Chapter 16 for an analysis of this transportation study.

11 1973 Master Plan, 20.

12 1973 Capitol Reef Master Plan, 35.

13 See Chapter 16 for details on utility corridors.

14 See Chapter 12 for more details on this boundary proposal.

15 1992 Task Directive, i.

16 Description of Wilderness Proposal for Capitol Reef National Monument, September 1967, 5.

17 The complete transcript of the public hearing on August 1974 in Loa and Salt Lake City is found in Document 158-D-52, TIC.

18 Wilderness Recommendation, November 1974, 60-61; also see the negative response from the State Planning Coordinator on pages 62-64.

19 According to Richard Young, Rocky Mountain Region Chief of Land Resources, the 1984 Land Protection Plan was updated with no significant changes in January 1986 and June 1988; see Document 158-D-71, TIC.

20 1978 Backcountry Plan, II-9.7.

21 For a more in-depth history of Fruita management policies, see Chapter 14.

22 See Chapter 14 for more details on this issue.

23 The 1941 date was the break-off since, to be eligible for the NHR, the resource should be 50 years old. The survey was completed in 1991.

24 Cultural Landscape Assessment, September 1992, Introduction.

25 Also see David R. M. White, "By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them: An Ethnographic Evaluation of Orchard Resources At the Fruita Rural Historic District, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah," report prepared for National Park Service, Rocky Mountain Region, 1993.

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