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1. Archival Sources

Arlington Federal Records Center
National Park Service: Canyon de Chelly
Arlington, Virginia

Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Current Files
Chinle, Arizona

Denver Federal Records Center
National Park Service: Canyon de Chelly
Denver, Colorado

Hubbel Trading Post National Historic Site
Historic Files
Ganado, Arizona

National Archives
Record Group 48
Department of the Interior
Washington, D.C.

National Archives
Record Group 75
Office of Indian Affairs
Washington, D.C.

National Archives
Record Group 79
National Park Service: National Monuments, Canyon de Chelly
Washington, D.C.

National Park Service
Chaco Center
Vivian Archives
Albuquerque, New Mexico

National Park Service
Denver Service Center
Current Files
Denver, Colorado

New Mexico State Records Center and Archives
Mexican Archives
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Southwestern National Monuments
Monthly Reports
Arizona Archeological Center
Tucson, Arizona

Navajo Tribal Research Section
Fort Defiance Letterbooks, extract copies (originals in Bell Federal Records Center, Bell, California)
Window Rock, Arizona

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4. Manuscripts

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