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For so many years, San Diegans and visitors from other countries have enjoyed the vistas, wonders of the seas, and the engaging human stories about Point Loma at Cabrillo National Monument, one of our Nation's earliest urban National Park System units. We are pleased to provide all visitors an opportunity to experience, enjoy, and reflect upon the dynamic natural and human landscapes of California's Pacific Coast and its importance to several nations — Spain, Portugal, Mexico and the United States. But visitors may only see and absorb a fraction of the historic human experience that has taken place here. This study makes available a more complete picture of the native Kumeyaay people who made Point Loma their home prior to European visits, of the subsequent Spanish Colonial presence, followed by citizens of the Republic of Mexico and American whalers, and finally by more than a century of United States military activity on these lands.

From historical and archeological research, Dr. Roger Kelly and Mr. Ronald May have compiled data into an overview study so that visitors and staff alike may become more knowledgeable and understand the factors that make the national monument at Point Loma quite a unique place, indeed! SHADOWS OF THE PAST AT CABRILLO NATIONAL MONUMENT fulfills National Park Service policy and practice to make available overview summaries concerning park archeology, with history and architecture, for public understanding and enjoyment as well as park management purposes.

Dr. Kelly has been Senior Archeologist for more than 25 years at the Park Service administrative office in Oakland, California and Mr. May, a native San Diegan, has been staff archeologist for the County of San Diego and United States Navy Submarine Base, Point Loma.

We hope all readers will be able to learn about the significant archeological resources, not easily seen by visitors, which tell about human experiences at Point Loma over many years and centuries. We also hope that visitors will help us to be good stewards of our collective heritage here at Cabrillo National Monument. Have a good experience at your National Monument!

Terry DiMattio

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Last Updated: 06-Apr-2005