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Collier and Spry
Plate I. Col. D. C. Collier (left) is shown here with New Mexico's Lt. Governor Spry at the 1915 San Diego Exposition. Collier founded the Order of Panama, the organization that promoted the idea of creating Cabrillo National Monument. Courtesy Cabrillo National Monument.

Clifton Rock
Plate II. Clifton Rock became concessioner and caretaker of Cabrillo National Monument when the monument came under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service in 1933. Courtesy Lester Earnest.

Eivind T. Scoyen
Plate III. Eivind T. Scoyen, Col. White's successor as superintendent of Sequoia, supervised the administration of Cabrillo until 1956. Courtesy Sequoia National Park.

John R. White
Plate IV. John R. White, superintendent of Sequoia National Park until 1947, was also in charge of Cabrillo National Monument during its early years. Courtesy Sequoia National Park.

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