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In the year and a half that it took to complete this project, I imposed heavily on the time and patience of the men and women of Cabrillo National Monument. For their knowledge willingly shared, friendship and unfailing good humor, I salute them.

Howard Overton deserves special thanks for his efforts in providing obscure documents, hunting down photographs, and never being too busy to discuss my questions and concerns. As chief ranger of Cabrillo National Monument, he served as staff liaison for the administrative history. Beyond this official capacity, however, he took a special interest in the project and provided insights and background information that proved invaluable.

Bureau Historian Barry Mackintosh carefully read and edited the manuscript, catching the details I had neglected in my haste to tell the story. Regional Historian Gordon Chappell, with his extensive knowledge of the Park Service history, provided many helpful suggestions and caught errors that might have slipped by without his vigilance.

Although I have never had the pleasure of meeting him, I owe a great debt to former Park Service historian, F. Ross Holland. His extensive collection of primary documents, keen observations and well-written narratives provided a firm groundwork on which to build this history. Superintendent Doris Omundson took the time in her hectic schedule to provide information and offer support. Superintendent Gary Cummins, in spite of the fact he had just arrived at his new post, graciously consented to a lengthy and valuable interview. Brett Jones made the monuments collection of maps, blueprints and artifacts available to me and provided "field trips" to the military bunkers and the lighthouse. These visits helped me discover the soul of the monument—something that can never be found in documents alone. Lorenza Fong, with her enormous energy, dedication and humor made my frequent trips to the monument especially enjoyable.

In addition to the forbearance of Park Service personnel, I received much needed assistance from Dr. Raymond Starr of San Diego State University. Through him, I was introduced to the resources of the San Diego Historical Society which provided essential material unavailable elsewhere.

Thanks also must be offered to Dr. Carroll Pursell of the University of California, Santa Barbara, who suggested I take the project and who served as my thesis adviser. Finally, very special thanks go to my husband, John Lehmann, who proof-read the entire manuscript and designed the book.

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