The Guns of San Diego
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1. Lt. Col. S.T. Mackall, IG, Inspections of Fort Rosecrans', 1932 and 1933, File 33126 F, Box 217, Records of Chief of Arms, Office of the Chief of Coast Artillery (hereinafter cited as OCA), RG 177, NA. Battery D was stationed at Fort Rosecrans during most of the 1930s. Its strength averaged two officers and forty enlisted men.

2. Maj. Gen. F.W. Coe, Ch. of Coast Artillery, January 3, 1923, to John C. Merriam, Carnegie Institution, and accompanying papers. File 680-421, 26D, Box 724, OCA, 1918-1942, RG 177, NA.

3. Lehmann, An Embarrassment of Riches, p. 46; Lt. Col. George Ruhlen, March 10, 1934, to Maj. G. Ralph Meyer, File 662.1, 26-B, Box 642, OCA, 1918-1942, RG 177, NA.

4. San Diego Union, July 13, 1935.

5. Brig. Gen. C.E. Kilbourne, December 1932, Memorandum for the Chief of Staff; Maj. Gen. H.L. Gilcrest, President of the Board, October 27, 1932, to AG, both in File 662.1, 26A, Box 642, OCA, 1918-1942, RG 177, NA.

6. Proceedings of a Board of Officers, November 2, 1933, file 662.1, 26B, Box 642, OCA, RG 177, NA. Four possible sites for the railroad guns were selected: Otay Valley, vicinity of Nestor, vicinity of Fruitdale, and immediately north of south San Diego, with a site 800 yards northeast of Palm City chosen as indicated in the 1936 HDSD Project.

7. Lt. Col. F.B. Wilby, OCE, February 20, 1935, to LAD, File 660.2, Box 0-3882, LAD, OCE, RG 77, NA, Pacific Southwest Region; Capt. A. McKay, USN, October 15, 1935, to CO, Fort Rosecrans, File 665 (San Diego), Box 134, OCE, RG 77, WNRC, Suitland; San Diego Union, July 11, 1936.

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