Plants of Zion National Park
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June, 1937
Zion-Bryce Museum Bulletin
Number 1



This bulletin is a popular guide to the plants of Zion National Park (exclusive of algae, fungi, mosses, and liverworts), and has been written in much the same style as that used by the rangers and naturalists when answering questions or guiding hiking parties. Descriptions have been made as simple and clear as possible, and illustrations have been used whenever obtainable. Keys have been usually omitted, and scientific terms used but little, nor are ranges outside the park given except in a few cases; all of this is obtainable in such standard manuals as Tidestrom's "Flora of Utah and Nevada", or Rydberg's "Flora of the Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Plains". Access to the Zion Herbarium is also available to students upon application to the park naturalist.

Persons interested in ecology will find valuable data in Woodbury's technical paper, "Biotic Relationships of Zion Canyon", (Ecological Monographs, Vol. 3, No. 2).

Several persons have contributed to this bulletin. Dr. A. M. Woodbury, formerly park naturalist, laid the foundation by making extensive collections, and issuing a mimeographed check list in 1929. In 1937 a revised check list was prepared by Ranger—Naturalist K. E. Weight, after two seasons of collecting. Identifications were made chiefly by the U. S. National Museum, and a few by each of the following: Dr. A. O. Garrett, Dr. Walter Cottam, the New York Botanical Gardens, the University of California, and the Bureau of Plant Industry. Supplemental collecting has been done by Pauline Mead Patraw, Gordon Y. Croft, L. F. Keller, T. B. Plair, and C. C. Presnall. The vegetation type map prepared by T. B. Plair has furnished considerable data on distribution. Photographs are credited as they appear in the text; lime drawings were made and contributed by Ruby Davis Presnall. Drafting of all this material into its present form was done by Park Naturalist C. C. Presnall, assisted by Pauline Mead Patraw.

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