Rules and Regulations
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General description
     Our prehistoric peoples
     The mesas
     The cliff dwellers
     Growth of architecture
     Details of community life
     Discovery of Sun Temple
     The fossil palm leaf
     Pot hunting among American ruins
     Discovery of Far View House
     A land of beauty and mystery
     Altitude and surroundings
How to reach the park
     Railroad information
     Routes and schedules
     Scenic approaches to Mesa Verde
     Mesa Verde and other National Parks
     Detailed information about travel
Post office
Transportation and camps
Spruce Tree House
     General description
     Classification of rooms
          Secular rooms
          Circular room
          Warriors' room
     Details of construction
     Ceremonial rooms or kivas
          Construction of a kiva
Cliff Palace
     General description
     Ancient entrance
     Ground plan of repaired Cliff Palace
     Cliff Palace subdivisions
          Northern quarter
          Old quarter
          Plaza quarter
          Tower quarter
          Ceremonial rooms
               Kivas of the first type
               Kivas of the second type
          Secular rooms
          Living rooms
          Mill rooms
          Storage rooms
          Round tower and round rooms
          Square tower
     Ledge rooms
Sun Temple
     The mystery of its purpose
     Unity of construction
     A temple for sun worship
     The mystery of the builders
Far View House, a Mesa Verde pueblo
Rules and regulations
     General regulations
     Automobile and motorcycle regulations
Panoramic view
     Government publications
          Distributed free by the National Park Service
          Sold by the Superintendent of Documents
Other National Parks
National monuments



Square Tower House
Northeast Wall of Sun Temple
Excavating Sun Temple
Model of Far View House
Far View House from the South
Spruce Tree House
Cliff Palace


Details of construction in Cliff Palace
Map showing railroad routes to Mesa Verde and Rocky Mountain National Parks.
Map showing automobile roads between Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Glacier, and Zion National Parks
Sketch plan of Spruce Tree House
Travel guide map of Mesa Verde National Park
Plan of Cliff Palace
Bird's-eye view of Sun Temple
Bird's-eye view of Far View House

Northeast wall Sun Temple.
Photograph by T. G. Lemmon.

Excavating Sun Temple.
Photograph by Fred Jeep.

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