Bryce Canyon
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The author wishes to express gratitude for help given by numerous individuals. Former Superintendent Tom Hobbs and his staff could not have been more cooperative. Viola B. Rose, the Superintendent's Secretary, took the time to collect and mail a number of important park documents used in the study. John Luzader of the Professional Support Group, Denver Service Center and since retired, rendered trenchant advice. Barry Combs, Director of Public Relations, Union Pacific Railroad, put corporate research materials at my disposal and allowed the use of a printer-reader. John Witherbee, Union Pacific's Research Specialist, forwarded additional materials. The National Park Service was not asked to pay a cent for these invaluable service.

I also wish to thank Bob Svenningsen of the Denver Federal Records Center; Richard Crawford of the National Archives; Don Snoddy, Nebraska State Historical Society Archivist; Irvin C. McClay of the Utah State Archives; Jay Hammond, Coordinator of Collections at the Utah State Historical Society; and Victor Jackson, Zion Naturalist. Mrs. Maurice Cope, a delightful person, graciously permitted an interview and opened the family's Bryce collection to my inspection. Mrs. Agatha May made available the use of her family collection. I am appreciative to others who allowed interviews. Notwithstanding the assistance given by those above, any errors of fact and judgment that have found their way into this study are my own. Since Nickolas Scrattish's death, the manuscript has been finely edited and typed by Mrs. Joyce Moe. Mrs. Susan Tenney provided additional manuscript editing, and a final copy was typed by Mrs. Monta-Glea Trebilcock.

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Last Updated: 25-Aug-2004