A Forgotten Kingdom: The Spanish Frontier in Colorado and New Mexico, 1540-1821
BLM Cultural Resources Series (Colorado: No. 29)
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Many contributed to the publication of this volume. John F. Bannon, S.J. and France V. Scholes, both now deceased, supported this research from the earliest stages. Professor Joe B. Frantz, directed my dissertation from which this document is derived. These three men were vital in assuring that my work was properly researched and they all provided important criticism. I thank them for their time and efforts.

Also significant in this project was the help of Dr. Myra Ellen Jenkins, former director of the State Archives of New Mexico. She and her staff made the use of New Mexico's records much easier and assisted in researching this project. Dr. Eleanor B. Adams, of the University of New Mexico, was also an important contributor. She provided advise and she guided this author to little known resources.

Gary McVicker, Colorado State Office, Bureau of Land Management, suggested that this manuscript could be used to fill a gap between our pre-history and "Anglo" history. This idea was excellent because it provides ethnic balance in the Bureau of Land Management's series of cultural resource overviews. Dave Strunk, also of the Colorado State Office, helped greatly by allowing me time to rewrite and prepare this volume.

Any errors of fact or omission are strictly mine. I hope this historical narrative will be of value to both the general public and to professional readers.

Frederic J. Athearn
Denver, Colorado
October, 1989

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