The Pony Express Stations of Utah in Historical Perspective
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Appendix 3
Frenchie - Head of Echo Canyon
Mr. Daniels - Halfway
James Bromley - Weber
Mr. Bauchmann - East Canyon
James McDonald - East Canyon
Ephraim Hanks - Mountain Dale
A. B. Miller - Salt Lake House
Absalom Smith - Trader's Rest
Porter Rockwell - Rockwells
Joe Dorton - Dugout
John Carson - Carson Inn (Camp Floyd)
Henry J. Faust - Rush Valley
Mr. Jackson - Point Lookout
George Dewees - Simpson Springs
William F. Horsepool - River Bed
Oscar Quinn - River Bed
George Wright - River Bed
Mr. Smith - Fish Springs
Bid Boyd - Boyd's Station
Pete Joyce - Willow Creek
Major Howard Egan - Salt Lake & Deep Creek
Mathew Orr - Deep Creek
Harrison Sevier - Deep Creek

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